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IAS Mains Previous Year Paper Political Science (1989)

IAS Mains Previous Year Paper Political Science (1989)

Paper-I- Political Science-1989 (Mains)


1. Comment on any three of the following in about 200 words each:
(a) “....... The truth is that the state in which the rulers are most reluctant to govern, is always the best and most quietly governed and the state in which they are most eager, the worst.” (Plato)
(b) “I conclude again by saving that prince must esteem his nobles but not make himself hated by the populace.” (Machiavelli)
(c) “Every man being born free and his own master. No one, under any pretext whatsoever, can make any man subject without his consent. To decide that the son of a slave is born a slave is to decide that he is not born a man.” (Rousseau)
(d) “Women hold up half the heavens.” (Mao Zedong)

2. How far it would be correct to say that the Ancient Indian political thought was concerned primarily with the art of government rather than with the problems of political philosophy?

3. “It would be of lasting benefit to political science if the whole concept of state sovereignty were surrendered.” (Laski)

4. Examine the contemporary relevance of the basic tenets of Marxism-Socialism.


5. Comment on any THREE of the following in about 200 words each:
(a) Raja Ram Mohan Ray and Social reforms
(b) Drain theory of Dadabhai Naoroji
(c) B.G. Tilak and Swaraj
(d) Ambedkar’s theory of social justice.

6. What are the political philosophies enshrined in the Indian Constitution. How far are they mutually reconcilable? Give reasons for your answers?

7. Point out the defects in the electoral system in India and suggest suitable improvements in it, in the light of the Tarkunde Committee report.

8. “A more rewarding approach in the problems of classification (of political institutions) would be to classify types of political systems rather than to concentrate on types of government.” Examine the statement.

Paper - II- Political Science-1989 (Mains)


1. Comment on any three of the following in about 200 words each:
(a) International politics is of necessity power politics.
(b) Crisis in energy resources and its impact on international relations.
(c) A diplomat is sent abroad to lie for his country.
(d) National interest is what the ruling elite decides it is.

2. "Cold war is just one of the many justifications which keep the NAM going." Discuss in the light of this statement the emerging political and non-political dimensions non-alignment.

3. Explain the analytical design of the Decision-making theory. Does it adequately account for the external behaviour of States? Give reasons.
4. Discuss with illustration, role of the UN Secretary-General in the maintenance of international peace, security and cooperation.


5. Comment on any THREE of the following in about 200 words each:
(a) The problem of Cambodia
(b) Debt problem of the Third World countries
(c) Iran-Iraq War and West Asia policy of the Super power
(d) Crisis in the relations between India and Nepal

6. What principal factors are responsible for the Sino-Soviet dispute? Do you notice any prospect for better relations between the two socialist powers?

7. Analyze the major developments in India-Pakistan relations since 1981. What positive indications are there now for normalization of relations?

8. Review the progress of the confidence-building measures taken by the present Soviet leadership viza-viz the western democracies and third world.

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