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IAS Mains Previous Years Paper : Medical Sciences (2000)

IAS Mains Previous Years Paper : Medical Sciences (2000)

IAS Mains Previous Years Paper : Medical Sciences (2000)

1. Answer any five of the following questions in not more than 200 words each:
(a) Describe the microscopic anatomy of testis. Add a note on spermatogenesis. (12)
(b) Describe structure and functions of placenta at term. (12)
(c) What is plantar reflex? How it is elicited? Describe ifs nerve supply and importance. (12)
(d) What is nerve-supply of carotid sinus? What are the functions of carotid sinus? (12)
(e) Enumerate with suitable examples the mechanisms involved in conversion of a substrate to  its products through an enzymatic reaction. (12)
(f) Schematically depict the integration of the metabolic activities in liver and muscle in regulation of blood glucose after 72 hours of starvation. (12)

(Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry)
2. (a) Describe the formation of inguinal canal. Add a note on inguinal hernias. (30)
(b) Describe the course and distribution of mandibular branch of fifth cranial nerve. (30)

3. (a) What is the mechanism, sites of actions and of origin of insulin? What other hormones balance it in human body and how? (20)
(b) What are the main factors which maintain and regulate venous return? (20)
(c) What are the factors which increase oxygen supply to more active tissues? (20)

4. (a) Sequence the events contributing to the regulation of plasma cholesterol levels as a consequence of receptor mediated uptake of LDL by hepatic and extra-hepatic tissues. (30)

(b) What is ketoacidosis? How will you differentiate between metabolic acidosis and respiratory acidosis? (30)

(Pathology, Microbiology, Forensic Medicine, Pharmacology and Toxicology)
5. Answer any five of the following questions in about 200 words each:
(a) Explain the terms metaplasia, anaplasia, dysplasia, hyperplasia and hypoplasia with suitable examples. (12)
(b) What are the complications and sequelae of streptococ-cal sore throat ? Discuss its treatment. (12)
(c) Discuss the role of biologic agents in the etiopathogenesis of neopiasia. (12)
(d) Give indications, contraindications and side effects of rifampin. (12)
(e) Discuss the mechanism of action, therapeutic uses and adverse effects of methotrexate. (12)
(f) How will you use the blood grouping system in case of disputed paternity? (12)

(Pharmacology Forensic Medicine & Toxicology)
6. (a) Define cirrhosis of liver. Classify cirrhotic conditions of liver. Discuss the etiopathogenesis and pathology of primary biliary cirrhosis. (30)
(b) Discuss the etiopathogenesis and pathological lesions of rheumatic fever. (30)

7. (a) How will you determine whether the incised wound is ante mortem or post mortem ? (20)
(b) Enumerate various physical and chemical tests to confirm the presence of semen in a given sample. (20)
(c) Discuss the various methods for control of rabies in India. (20)

8. (a) Classify non-narcotic analgesics. (20)
(b) Discuss the mechanism of action, dosage and toxicity of doxycycline. (20)
(c) Describe the mechanism of action, dosage and adverse reactions of dapsone. (20)

(General Medicine, Paediatrics, Dermatology and Preventive and Social Medicine)
1. Write short notes on any five of the following: (5 x 12 = 60)
(a) Diseases caused by alcohol consumption
(b) Anxiety neurosis
(c) Infantile diarrhoea
(d) Scabies
(e) Epidemiological triad
(f) Prevention of essential hypertension

2. Describe etiology, diagnosis and management of acute leukaemias. (60)

3. Discuss major nutritional diseases prevalent in India. (60)

4. (a) Discuss diagnosis of pyrexia of unknown origin. (20)
(b) Describe multi-drug resistance in tuberculosis. (20)
(c) Describe the levels of prevention with reference to leprosy. (20)

General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology (including Family Planning)
5. Write short notes on any five of the following: (5 x 12 = 60)
(a) Complications of Whipple's operation (Pancreatico-duodenectomy)
(b) Investigate work up in unilateral hydronephrosis in a 15 year old child
(c) Management of supracondyiar fracture of femur in a 30 year old
(d) Components of reproductive and child health
(e) Screening techniques for genital malignancies
(f) Causes and management of acute uterine inversion

6. Classify the tumours of salivary gland. Briefly describe the management of 3 x 3 cm parotid swelling in a 50 year old. (60)

7. Describe the diagnosis and management of pregnancy induced hypertension at 38 weeks of gestation. (60)

8. Write in brief about:
(a) Management of perforated duodenal ulcer in a 45 year old man (20)
(b) Vasectomy (20)
(c) Indications and techniques of second trimester abortion (20)



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