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R.A.S./R.T.S. Prelim Examination Solved Question Paper (GK & General Science) (Held On 7-1-2009)

R.A.S./R.T.S. Prelim Examination Solved Question Paper (GK & General Science) (Held On 7-1-2009)

R.A.S./R.T.S. Prelim Examination Solved Question Paper (GK & General Science) (Held on 7-1-2009)

1. Minamata disease is caused by—
(A) Mercury
(B) Cadmium
(C) Lead
(D) Zinc

2. Government of Rajasthan has constituted one organisation to advise the government on reforms in economic matters. This organisation is named as—
(A) Economic Policy and Reforms Council
(B) Reform Committee on Economic Policy
(C) Council for Economic Reforms
(D) Economic Advisory Committee

3. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution, it is the duty of the Union Government to protect States against external aggression and internal disturbance ?
(A) Article 355
(B) Article 356
(C) Article 352
(D) Article 360

4. Which one of the following groups of organisms has significance in diagnosing the death by drowing ?
(A) Lichens
(B) Protozoa
(C) Cyanobacteria
(D) Diatoms

5. When there is a very heavy rainfall in the Pushkar Hills, where does floods occur ?
(A) Ajmer
(B) Sawai Madhopur
(C) Balotra
(D) Sojat

6. On a specific day and time, temperature was 48°C in Churu and 24°C in Shimla. Two metallic cups identical in all respects contained water at 95°C in Churu and 71°C in Shimla. Which one of these two cups reached room temperature first ?
(A) Cup in Churu
(B) Cup in Shimla
(C) Both cups reached room temperature at the same time
(D) Data are not enough to find out result

7. Who won the Booker’s Prize, 2008 ?
(A) Arvind Adiga
(B) Aruna Roy
(C) Rajendra Singh
(D) Medha Patekar

8. The first woman ‘Four-star General’ in United States of America Military is—
(A) Haldun Woody
(B) Anna Maehays
(C) Mike Mullen
(D) Anne Dun Woody

9. Which one of the following acid is formed during the change of milk into curd ?
(A) Acetic acid
(B) Ascorbic acid
(C) Citric acid
(D) Lactic acid

10. What is the height of Guru Shikhar Peak in Rajasthan ?
(A) 1722 metres
(B) 1727 metres
(C) 1750 metres
(D) 1780 metres

11. Khariya, Raswani, Shobhala and Udisbhar are—
(A) The varieties of wines
(B) Actors of kuchamani khyal
(C) Villages of Barmer district
(D) The varieties of Kota Doriya sarees

12. ‘Archaeopteryx’ is a connecting link between which of the following classes of animal ?
(A) Amphibia and Aves
(B) Reptilia and Aves
(C) Reptilia and Mammalia
(D) Aves and Mammalia

13. Tick mark correct statement—
(A) CIMMCO wagon factory restarted in Bharatpur after eight years
(B) CIMMCO factory is started at Bhiwadi for manufacturing coaches
(C) CIMMCO factory is manufacturing chassis of trucks and buses at Alwar
(D) CIMMCO company is engaged in exports of coaches to Asian countries

14. Where is Port Pradeep located ?
(A) Kerala
(B) Karnataka
(C) West Bengal
(D) Orissa

15. Mangla-Bhagyam, Shakti and Aishwarya—
(A) Are three schemes for upliftment of scheduled castes’ girls
(B) Are oil fields discovered in Barmer-Sanchore basin
(C) Are three universities established in Private sector
(D) Produce natural gas from Jaisalmer basin to supply Ramgah power plant

16. Among the crafts that have been shortlisted by National Institute of Design for Geographical Indicator Status is—
(A) Jaipur for blue pottery and Udaipur for clay work
(B) Zari work of Ajmer and block printing of Sanganer
(C) Embroidary of Barmer and wollens of Jaisalmer
(D) Paintings of Kishangadh and Namdas of Tonk

17. Pearl is mainly constituted of—
(A) Calcium oxalate
(B) Calcium sulphate
(C) Calcium carbonate
(D) Calcium oxide

18. Where is the famous ‘Finger Lake Region’ located ?
(A) Australia
(B) Austria
(C) United States of America (U.S.A.)
(D) Britain

19. In which year did a major flood occur in Kawas in Barmer ?
(A) 2005
(B) 2006
(C) 2007
(D) 2008

20. Which sect has the headquarters located at Shahpura (Bhilwara) ?
(A) Dadu sect
(B) Vallabh sect
(C) Nimbark sect
(D) Ramsnehi sect

21. Ashtadhyayi was written by—
(A) Varahmihira
(B) Kalidas
(C) Panini
(D) Balram

22. The whole dispute between Subhash Bose and right wing, after the Tripuri session of Congress centred round to the question of—
(A) Formation of Congress working committee
(B) Policy towards princely states
(C) Attitude towards central government
(D) Double membership of Congress Socialist Party members

23. Adamya Chetna Trust, Havells India Limited, Hindustan Zinc Limited and DSCL Kota (Shree Ram Group) are some Trust/Corporates related to—
(A) Production of handicrafts and industrial goods
(B) Mid-Day Meal Programme
(C) Infrastructure development in Rajasthan
(D) Special Economic Zone in Rajasthan

24. One Rajasthan-born industrialist contributed a sum of Rs. 22,000 in 1920s to C.V. Raman’s path breaking research which won him the Nobel Prize—
(A) Purshotam Das Bajaj
(B) Jamshedjee Tata
(C) Magni Ram Bangur
(D) Ghanshyam Das Birla

25. Who is the author ‘ANDHAYUG’ ?
(A) Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar
(B) Mahaveer Prasad Diwedi
(C) Dharam Veer Bharti
(D) Mohan Rakesh

26. United Nations General Assembly President is—
(A) John Major
(B) Miguel d’Escoto
(C) Jacquesrene Chirac
(D) Jiang Zemin

27. In which continent are the Atlas Mountains situated ?
(A) Asia
(B) Africa
(C) Australia
(D) Europe

28. Per Capita Income at current prices in Rajasthan during 2007-08 is about—
(A) 20,000 Rs.
(B) 22,000 Rs.
(C) 24,000 Rs.
(D) 18,000 Rs.

29. Nawalgadh (Sikar) in Rajasthan was in news because of—
(A) Bumper crop of kharif season particularly the production of bajra
(B) The government of Rajasthan has taken responsibility to provide the land to cement manufacturers
(C) Ginder Utsav is started during the month of Shrawan to attract tourists
(D) A private university is sanctioned by government for this area

30. Which one of the following changes occur when salt is added in the water ?
(A) Boiling point is increased and freezing point is decreased
(B) Boiling point is decreased and freezing point is increased
(C) Both boiling point and freezing point are decreased
(D) Both boiling point and freezing point are increased

31. When a person enters in a dark room from strong light area, he is not able to see clearly for some time. Later he gradually begins to see things. This is because—
(A) Changes in the size of pupil
(B) Changes in the diameter and focal length of lens
(C) Bleaching and reformation of Rhodopsins
(D) Eyes become familiar with darkness in course of time

32. Exclude which is not correct—
(A) RUDA is functioning for creation of more avenues of employment in the rural nonfarm sector
(B) Bureau of Investment Promotion is an agency for promotion of Small Scale Industry projects
(C) RIICO is an apex organization engaged in postering growth of industrialisation in the state
(D) Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation is functioning to assist Small Scale Industry and handicrafts

33. The art style which combines Indian and Greek feature is called—
(A) Sikhar
(B) Verra
(C) Gandhar
(D) Nagar

34. In which city of India, first D.N.A. Bank of Asia is established recently ?
(A) Jaipur
(B) Kota
(C) Chennai
(D) Lucknow

35. Raika’s in Rajasthan are—
(A) Traditionals horse breeders
(B) Traditional camel breeders
(C) Used to sell goods from village to village
(D) Salt-traders

36. The first session of Rajputana-Madhyabharat Sabha was held in 1918 at—
(A) Delhi
(B) Ajmer
(C) Indore
(D) Udaipur

37. Who is the author of the book named ‘The Audacity of Hope’ ?
(A) Nayan Tara Sehgal
(B) Salman Rushdie
(C) Vikram Seth
(D) Barack Obama

38. RIDCOR stands for—
(A) Road Infrastructure Development Company of Rajasthan
(B) Rail Information Download Corporation of Rajasthan
(C) Rajasthan Indoor Decoration Corporation of Railways
(D) Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation of Rajasthan

39. Inscription which throw light on the writings of Maharana Kumbha is—
(A) Kumbhalgarh inscription (1460 A.D.)
(B) Kirtistambha Prashasti (1460 A.D.)
(C) Jagannath Rai inscription (1652 A.D.)
(D) Raj Prashasti (1676 A.D.)

40. Jnan Pith award has been given to (06th November 2008)—
(A) Vinit Narayan
(B) Rehman Rahi
(C) Kamleshwar
(D) Gyan Chaturvedi

41. For which desirable character the transgenic crop ‘Golden Rice’ is produced ?
(A) Vitamin ‘A’
(B) Essential Amino Acids
(C) Insulin
(D) Characteristic Starch

42. The world’s youngest King belongs to which country ?
(A) Saudi Arab
(B) Japan
(C) Bhutan
(D) Thailand

43. Mammoth is the ancestor of—
(A) Dog
(B) Horse
(C) Camel
(D) Elephant

44. Which district in Rajasthan grows, in largest quantity, psyllium husk (planto ovata) or ‘Isabgol’ ?
(A) Jhalawar
(B) Jalore
(C) Sirohi
(D) Bundi

45. Who launched the ‘Lasodia Movement’ for social reforms amongst the Bhils of Mewar, Bagar and nearby regions ?
(A) Mavji
(B) Govind Giri
(C) Surmal Das
(D) Moti Lal Tejawat

46. Chairman of Indian Space and Research Organization is—
(A) Krishna Swamy Kasturirangan
(B) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
(C) G. Madhavan Nair
(D) K.M. Bhandari

47. Most stable Ecosystem is
(A) Forest
(B) Grassland
(C) Desert
(D) Marine

48. Which tree is called the ‘Flame of the Forest in Rajasthan’ ?
(A) Khejri
(B) Neem
(C) Palas
(D) Paras Peepul

49. Which city is known as ‘Suncity’ in Rajasthan ?
(A) Jodhpur
(B) Udaipur
(C) Bikaner
(D) Jaisalmer

50. Which was common among Brahma Samaj, Ram Krishna Mission and Arya Samaj ?
(A) None of these three had a political mission, but they helped to develop a spirit of patriotism
(B) All the three originated from Bengal
(C) Founder of all the three were educated in England
(D) Founder of all the three took active part in politics



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