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2008 General Knowledge Questions For RRB Exams Question Paper

2008 General Knowledge Questions For RRB Exams Question Paper

2008 General knowledge questions for RRB Exams Question paper

Q1. Which of the folowing is NOT a recipient of Dhyan Chand Award 2008 announced in August 2008 ?

(a) Hukum Singh

(b)Gyan Singh

(c) Sanjeev Kumar Singh

(d)Mukh Bain Singh

Q2.The Banerjee Committee is related to the probe of which incident:

(a) Mumbai blasts

(b)Godhra incident

(c) Kandhar plane Hijack

(d)Parliament Attack

Q3. The company ’Suzlon Energy’ is a leading player in the field of:

(a) Wind Energy

(b)Geothermal Energy

(c) Solar Energy

(d)Tidal Energy

Q4.The Southernmost point of India is:

(a) Kanyakumari

(b)Indira Point(Pygmalion Point)

(c) Cape of Good Hope

(d)None of the above

Q5.The country having the highest life expectancy in the world is:

(a) USA

(b) Germany

(c) Norway

(d) Japan

Q6. 49th Parallel is the boundary line between:

(a) India & Srilanka

(b) USA & Canada

(c) Australia & New Zealand

(d)North America & South America

Q7. Aswan Dam is built over river:

(a) Tigris

(b) Danube

(c) Nile


Q8. The 8th schedule of the Constitution gives:

(a) A list of 22 languages recognized by the Constitution

(b)Administration and control of Scheduled areas and Scheduled tribes.

(c) The list of States and Union territories

(d)Provisions regarding disqualifications on the ground of political defection

Q9.Who was the creator of the world’s first free email service’Hotmail’?

(a) Narayanmurthi

(b)Vinod Dham

(c) Sabeer Bhatia

(d)Azim Premji

Q10.What is the name of the world’s fastest computer?

(a) Blue Gene

(b)Road Runner

(c) Apple

(d)Gen-X Turbo

Q11.For which sport is the Wellington Cup given in India?

(a) Shooting


(c) Rowing


Q12. In the Indian context the term ’De-notified tribes’ refers to:

(a) Aboriginal tribes

(b)Nomadic tribes

(c) Tribes living in Himalayan region

(d)Tribes which were earlier classified as criminal tribes

Q13.The word ’Hindu’ as a reference to the people of India(Hindu) was first used by:

(a) Arabs


(c) Roman


Q14.Zero was invented by:

(a) Aryabhatta


(c) Bhaskaracharya


Q15.The only sanke that builds nest is:

(a) King Cobra

(b)Rattle Snake

(c) Saw-scaled Viper


Q16.The concept of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) originated in :

(a) U.K.

(b) U.S.A.

(c) Australia

(d) Ireland

Q17.Which of the following animal stores water in its intestine?

(a) Kangaroo


(c) Camel


Q18.Ashtapradhan was a council of ministers in the administration of:

(a) Asoka

(b)Chandragupta Vikramaditya

(c) Rana Pratap


Q19. Arakan Yoma is the extension of the Himalayas located in:

(a) China

(b) Nepal

(c) Myanmar

(d) Bangladesh

Q20.The first president of the muslim league was:

(a) M.A.Jinnah

(b)Salimullah Khan

(c) Maulana Mohammad Ali

(d)Shaukat Ali

Q21.The largest producer of Mica in the world is:

(a) Russia


(c) Germany

(d) India

Q22. The most abundant inert gas in the atmosphere is:

(a) Xenon


(c) Argon


Q23. ’Heavy water’ is used in:

(a) Car radiators

(b)Nuclear Reactor

(c) As a coolant in refrigerator

(d)for dry-cleaning purposes

Q24. The chemical compound used in Narco-test is:

(a) Sodium Hypochlorite


(c) Sodium Pentothal

(d)None of these

Q25. Which of the following is used for the production of X-Rays?

(a) Alpha Rays

(b)Beta Rays

(c) Gamma Rays

(d)Cathode Rays


1-c 2-b 3-a 4-b 5-d

6-b 7-c 8-a 9-c 10-b

11-c 12-d 13-a 14-b 15-c

16-b 17-c 18-d 19-c 20-b

21-d 22-c 23-b 24- c 25-d



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