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1. Name of the Mohanlal movie which is based on the Independence struggle:
Ans: Kalapani

2. Leading producer of the Motor bikes in the world
Ans: Japan

3. Knot is used for measuring
Ans: Speed of ship

4. In which category of winds does cyclone fall?
Ans: Variable winds

5. Which among the following is not the work of Kalidasa?
a)Vikramorvashiyam b)Mudrarakshasa
c)Kumarasambava d)Raghuvamsha
Ans: Mudrarakshasa

6. The French East India Company was formed in:
Ans: 1664

7. Name the other country, other than India celebrates Independence Day on 15th August?
Ans: South Korea

8. The French Supremacy in India came to an end by the battle of:
Ans: Wandiwash

9. Who addressed the first Parliament meeting after the election?
Prime Minister

10. The University Grants Commission was set up in
Ans: 1953

11. M.F.Hussain is a famous:
Ans: Painter

12. The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ have been taken from
Ans: Upanishad

13. What is the multiplicative inverse of 3 1/3?
Ans: 3/10

14. If a15/am=a3 then the value of m
Ans: 9

15. The only number that is the perimeter and area of the same square:
Ans: 16

16. The missing number in the series:
5, 10, 16, ---------, 31 is
Ans: 23

17. Which is the smallest fraction?
a)12/13 b)4/7 c)13/14 d)11/12
Ans: 4/7

18. Toxicology is the study of
Ans: Poisons

19. The mother as well as her two children ---------------- taken to the hospital
Ans: was

20. He congratulated me . . . my success in B.A. Degree Examination.
Ans: on
21. Which word is spelt wrongly?
(a)Bourgeois (b)Assasination (c)Mandate (d)Commissioner
Ans: (b)Assasination

22. Let us go for a walk, . . . ?
Ans: Shall we

23. I have acquaintance . . . Carnatic Music.

24. It is not easy to . . .the Civil Service Examination.
Ans: get through

25. One who compiles dictionary:
Ans: Lexicographer

26. Dronacharya Award is given to :
Ans: The best sports coach

27. The great Wall of China was built by :
Ans: Shi-Huan-Ti

28. The national flag of India was designed by:
Ans:Pingali Venkaiya

29. The venue of Sangam Assembly:

30. Name the book jointly written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair and N.P. Muhammed.
Arabi Ponnu

31. Pointing to a man, a woman said “His mother is the only daughter of my brother.” How is the woman related to that man?

32. “The Young Bengal Movement” was started by :
Henry Vevian Derozio.

33. India’s biggest Nuclear Power Station:

34. “Lady Chatterly’s Lover” is novel written by:

35. Who is the author of the “One Hundred Years of Solitude”?
Gabriel Marquez

36. Millennium is a period of?
1000 years

37. “The Wall Street Catastrophe” took place in :

38. The Russian ruler who was awarded Nobel Prize for Peace:

39. Davis Cup is associated with which game:

40. Which country will always be in the frontline of Olympic March past?

41. The Head Quarters of the International Cricket Council is in:

42. Which food crop has the maximum content of Proteins:
Soya bean

43. King of fruit is :

44. “Those who do not work may not eat.” Who said this?

45. Carbohydrate consists of :
Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen

46. “HMS Beegil” is a word associated with Charles Darwin. What is it?
A Ship

47. The use of Galvanometer:
To measure the electric current.

48. Persons sitting in an artificial satellite of the earth have:
Zero Weight

49. The instrument used to convert AC current to DC current?

50. Who was the first Indian to win an Oscar?
Bhanu Athaya.

51. I have... . more letters for you to write:

52. John . . .to Bombay tomorrow.

53. I . . . a book when he came in.
was reading

54. She was struck ------lightning

55. We ------- live in a small house when we were children
Used to

56. I ------- him when he was in college
Had met

57. The captain announced that he ----- from the game.
Was retiring

58. It is pleasant ------ read book in the afternoon.

59. The cat is hiding --------- the table

60. The synonym of curious is:

61. The antonym of ascend is:

62. Our cot was bitten . . . a dog.

63. You can swim well. . .?
Can’t you

64. He came yesterday . . .?
Didn’t he

65. Do you want to speak to me . . . anything?

66. I bought this purse. . . 50 rupees.

67. Which of the following words is spelt correctly?
(a) Elvation (b) elevation (c)elavation (e)elevetion

68. Which of the following words is spelt correctly?
(a)Compulsion (b)compullsion (c)compuzion (d)comepulsion
Ans: (a)Compulsion

69. Fatigue means :

70. Consensus means:
(a) Optimistic (b) disagreement (c) continuity (d) agreement
Ans: Agreement

71. When a particular number is subtracted from each of 24, 31, 58, 79 the values will be in proportion. The number to be subtracted is :

72. In an election 10% of students did not vote and 60 votes recorded were declared invalid. The majority of elected candidates was 308 and it was found that he had been supported by 47% of the whole number of class. The number of valid voted recorded for each candidate:
2914, 2606

73. By selling oranges at 32 for Rs.10, a man loses 40%. How many oranges should be sell for Rs.10 if he should gain 20%?

74. An employee gets same salary every month. His average income per day will be :
Maximum for the period February, March, April.

75. Which among the following is best approximation for ‘What decimal of an hour is a second’?
(a)0.00029 (b)0.00028 (c)0.00027 (d)0.00026
Ans: (b)0.00028

76. When asked how many gold coins he had, the collector said:
If I arrange them in stake of five, none are left over.
If I arrange them in stake of six, none are left over.
If I arrange them in stake of seven, one is left over.
What is least number of coins?

77. Five equal squares are placed side by side to make a single rectangle. The perimeter of rectangle so formed is 276 cm. what is the area of a square used?

78. A man is facing east. He turns 110o in the clockwise direction and then 50o in anticlockwise direction. Which direction is he facing now?

79. There are five houses P,Q,R,S, T. P is right of Q and T is left of R and right of P. Q is right of S. Which house is in the middle?

80. Wheel X rotates at a uniform speed of 8 revolutions per minute and wheel Y rotates at a uniform speed of 40 revolutions per second. How long after they start rotating simultaneously, will wheel Y have exactly made one revolution more than wheel X?
1/32 minute

81. ‘Hotel’ to menu is as ‘Library’ to :

82. If APEX coded as ZKVC then code for GIRL is:

83. Sum of two numbers is 1/3rd of 1/5th of 195 and product is 1/6th of 1/4th of 960. Find the difference between numbers.

84. If 3+4=21, 5+2=35, 4+2=24. What is the value of 5+3?

85. The value of

is approximately

86. An isosceles triangle has equal sides measuring 7 cm each and length of third side is an integer. The number of such triangles is :

87. Find the missing number:
3,5,9,17,33,. . .

88. The weight of a dog is 24 kg and 1/3 of its weight has been increased in 3 months. Now the weight is :
(a)33 Kg (b)36 Kg (c)42 Kg (d)None of the above
Ans: None of the above.

89. The angle between the hands of a clock at 1.15 is (in degree measure):
52 ½

90. The digit in the unit place in the product of first 500 primes is :

91. Which of the following is different from others:

92. Arithmetic mean of first ‘n’ natural numbers is :

93. A student is ranked 9th from top and 38th from the bottom in a class. Total number of students in the class is :

94. If a/b=7 then (a+b)/(a-b) is :

95. Find the Odd one:
(a)Abacus (b)Napier’s bones (c)Protractor (d)Slide rule


97. A student was asked to find 1/5 th of a number. By mistake he found 5/4 th of the number and got an answer which was 180 more than correct answer. Number is :

98. 13 1/3 - 12 3/4 -11 5/6+ 10 11/12 is :
Ans: -1/3

99. HCF of two numbers is 24 and their LCM is 1344. If difference between numbers is 24 then their sum is :

100. Average weight of 8 men increased by 1.5 kg when a man weighting 65 kg was replaced by a new man. The weight of new man is :
77 kg.



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