CurrentGK Papers GAT(Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering) Civil Engineering GATE-1999

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Civil Engineering GATE-1999

Civil Engineering GATE-1999

Civil Engineering

SECTION A (75 Marks)

1. This question consists of 35 (Thirty five) multiple choice type sub-questions, each carrying one mark. The answer to the multiple choice questions MUST be written only in the boxes corresponding to the question by writing A, B, C, or D in the answer book. (35 x 1 = 35)

1.1 Limit of the function lim n ® ¥ GATE CE 2

(a) GATE CE 4

(b) 0

(c) ¥

(d) 1


1.2 The function f(x) = e x is

(a) Even (b) Odd

(c) Neither even nor odd (d) None of the above


1.3 If A is any n x n matrix and k is a scalar, | kA | = a | A |, where a is

(a) kn (b) n k

(c) k n (d) k/n


1.4 The infinite series GATE CE 6


(a) Converges (b) Diverges

(c) is unstable (d) Oscillates

1.5 Number of inflection points for the curve y = x + 2 x 4 is

(a) 3 (b) 1

(c) n (d) (n + 1) 2


1.6 Number of terms in the expansion of general determinant of order n is

(a) n 2 (b) n!

(c) n (d) (n + 1) 2



1.7 Two perpendicular axes x and y of a section are called principal axes when

(a) Moments of inertia about the axes are equal (I x =I y)

(b) Product moment of inertia (I xy) is zero

(c) Product moments of inertia (I x x I y) is zero

(d) Moment of inertia about one of the axes is greater than the other


1.8 In a section, shear centre is a point through which, if the resultant load passes, the section will not be subjected to any

(a) Bending (b) Tension

(c) Compression (d) Torsion

1.9 For a fixed beam with span L, having plastic moment capacity of M p, the ultimate

central concentrated load will be

(a) GATE CE 8

(b) GATE CE 10

(c) GATE CE 12

(d) GATE CE 14


1.10 In reinforced concrete, pedestal is defined as compression member, whose effective length does not exceed its dimension by

(a) 12 times (b) 3 times

(c) 16 times (d) 8 times


1.11 The minimum area of tension reinforcement in a beam shall be greater than

(a) GATE CE 16

(b) GATE CE 18

(c) GATE CE 20

(d) GATE CE 22


1.12 The characteristic strength of concrete is defined as that compressive strength below which not more than

(a) 10% of results fall (b) 5% of results fall

(c) 2% of results fall (d) None of the above


1.13 Maximum strain at the level of compression steel for a rectangular section having effective cover to compression steel as d' and neutral axis depth from compression face as x u is

(a) GATE CE 24

(b) GATE CE 26

(c) GATE CE 28

(d) GATE CE 30


1.14 A steel beam supporting loads from the floor slab as well as from wall is termed as

(a) Stringer beam (b) Lintel beam

(c) Spandrel beam (d) Header beam


1.15 The problem of lateral buckling can arise only in those steel beams, which have

(a) moment of inertial about the bending axis larger than the other

(b) moment of inertial about the bending axis smaller than the other

(c) fully supported compression flange

(d) None of the above



1.16 The values of liquid limit and plasticity index for soils having common geological origin in a restricted locality usually define

(a) a zone above A - line

(b) a straight line parallel to A - line

(c) a straight line perpendicular to A - line

(d) points may be anywhere in the plasticity chart


1.17 The toughness index of clayey soils is given by

(a) Plasticity index/Flow index (b) Liquid limit/Plastic limit

(c) Liquidity index/Plastic limit (d) Plastic limit/Liquidity index.


1.18 Principle involved in the relationship between submerged unit weight and saturated weight of a soil is based on

  • Equilibrium of floating bodies
  • Archimedes' principle
  • Stokes' law
  • Darcy's law


1.19 For an anisotropic soil, permeabilities in x and y directions are k x and k y respectively in a two dimensional flow. The effective permeability k eff for the soil is given by


(a) k x + k y

  • GATE CE 32
  • (k x 2 + k y 2) 1/2
  • (k xk y) 1/2


1.20 Cohesion in soil

(a) decreases active pressure and increases passive resistance

(b) decreases both active pressure and passive resistance

(c) increases the active pressure and decreases the passive resistance

(d) increases both active pressure and passive resistance


1.21 Consolidation in soils

(a) is a function of the effective stress

(b) does not depend on the present stress

(c) is a function of the pore water pressure

(d) is a function of the total stress


1.22 The sequent depth ratio of a hydraulic jump in a rectangular horizontal channel is 10.30. The Froude Number at the beginning of the jump is

(a) 5.64 (b) 7.63

(c) 8.05 (d) 13.61


1.23 In an iceberg, 15% of the volume projects above the sea surface. If the specific weight of sea water is 10.5 kN/m 3, the specific weight of iceberg in kN/m 3 is

(a) 12.52 (b) 9.81

(c) 8.93 (d) 7.83


1.24 The ordinate of the Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph (IUH) of a catchment at any, time t, is

(a) the slope of the 1-hour unit hydrograph at that time

(b) the slope of the direct runoff unit hydrograph at that time

(c) difference in the slope of the S - curve and 1 - hour unit hydrograph

(d) the slope of the S-curve with effective rainfall intensity of 1cm/hr


1.25 An isochrone is a line on the basin map

(a) joining raingauge stations having equal rainfall duration

(b) joining points having equal rainfall depth in a given time interval

(c) joining points having equal time of travel of surface runoff to the catchment outlet.

(d) joining points which are at equal distance from the catchment outlet.


1.26 In a steady radial flow into an intake, the velocity is found to vary as (1/r 2), where r is the radial distance. The acceleration of the flow is proportional to

(a) GATE CE 34

(b) GATE CE 36

(c) GATE CE 38

(d) GATE CE 40



1.27 A soil formation through which only seepage is possible, being partly permeable and capable of giving insignificant yield, is classified as

(a) Aquifer (b) Aquitard

(c) Aquifuge (d) Aquiclude


1.28 Temporary hardness in water is caused by the presence of

(a) Bicarbonates of Ca and Mg (b) Sulphates of Ca and Mg

(c) Chlorides of Ca and Mg (d) Nitrates of Ca and Mg


1.29 Blue baby disease (methaemoglobinemia) in children is caused by the presence of excess

(a) Chlorides (b) Nitrates

(c) Fluoride (d) Lead


1.30 Standard 5-day BOD of a waster water sample is nearly x% of the ultimate BOD, where x is

  • 48
  • 58
  • 68
  • 78


1.31 The minimum dissolved oxygen content (ppm) in a river necessary for the survival of aquatic life is

(a) 0 (b) 2

(c) 4 (d) 8


1.32 Chlorine is sometimes used in sewage treatment

(a) to avoid flocculation

(b) to increase biological activity of bacteria

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