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Chief Election Commissioners Of India

Chief Election Commissioners Of India

Chief Election Commissioners of India


Chief Election Commissioners Held the post
1 Sukumar Sen 21-Mar-1950 to 19-Dec-1958
2 K. V. K. Sundaram  20-Dec-1958 to 30-Sep-1967
3 S. P. Sen Verma  1-Oct-1967 to 30-Sep-1972
4 Dr. Nagendra Singh  1-Oct-1972 to 6-Feb-1973
5 T. Swaminathan  7-Feb-1973 to 17-Jun-1977
6 S. L. Shakdhar  18-Jun-1977 to 17-Jun-1982
7 R. K. Trivedi  18-Jun-1982 to 31-Dec-1985
8 R. V. S. Peri Sastri  1-Jan-1986 to 25-Nov-1990
9 V. S. Ramadevi  26-Nov-1990 to 11-Dec-1990
10 T. N. Seshan  12-Dec-1990 to 11-Dec-1996
11 M. S. Gill  12-Dec-1996 to 13-Jun-2001
12 J. M. Lyngdoh  14-Jun-2001 to 7-Feb-2004
13 T. S. Krishnamurthy  8-Feb-2004 to 15-May-2005
14 B. B. Tandon  16-May-2005 to 29-Jun-2006
15 N. Gopalaswami  30-Jun-2006 to 20-Apr-2009
16 Navin Chawla  21-Apr-2009 to 29-Jul-2010
17 Shahabuddin Yaqoob Quraishi  30-Jul-2010 – till date



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