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INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION Historical context The IVC has been tentatively identified with the toponym Meluhha known from Sumerian records. It has been compared in particular with the civilizations of Elam (also in the context of the Elamo-Dravidian hypothesis), and with Minoan Crete ....
Mohenjo-Daro An Ancient Indus Valley Metropolis
An Ancient Indus Valley Metropolis Mohenjo-Daro The name of Mohenjo-daro is widely recognized as one of the most important early cities of South Asia and the Indus Civilization and yet most publications rarely provide more than a cursory overview of this important ....
The Harappan Civilization
Some several thousand years ago there once thrived a civilization in the Indus Valley. Located in what's now Pakistan and western India, it was the earliest known urban culture of the Indian subcontinent. (1) ....
Harappa Civilization
Harappa Environment During this period, the climate of the region was moist with humid land; dense forests grew where animals like tiger, elephants and rhinoceros roamed. The forests provided timber for brick kilns, which supplied bricks to the cities. Date of ....
Hariyupia And The Aryan Invasion Of India
Hariyupia and the Aryan Invasion of India
Hariyupia in the Rg Veda In aid of Abhyavartin Cayamana,
Indra destroyed the seed of Varasikha.

At Hariyupiyah he smote the vanguard of the Vrcivans, and the rear fled frighted.

Rg Veda (VI.27.5)
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Ancient Indus Sites
Ancient Indus Sites Harappa Harappa was an Indus civilization urban center. It lies in Punjab Province, Pakistan, on an old bed of the River Ravi.

The latest research has revealed at least five mounds at Harappa that 3-D renditions of Harappa show to have been ....
Indus Civilization Geography
Indus Civilization Geography The Largest Bronze Age Urban Civilization Indus civilization remnants have been discovered from as far south as Mumbai [Bombay], in Maharashtra State, India, and as far north as the Himalayas and northern Afghanistan.

The westernmost sites are on the ....
The Indus Civilization
The Indus Civilization Introduction The greater Indus region was home to the largest of the four ancient urban civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, South Asia and China. It was not discovered until the 1920's. Most of its ruins, even its major cities, remain to be excavated. The ancient ....
Buddhism Arrives In China
Buddhism Arrives In China Buddhism was founded by an Indian prince, who called himself the Buddha. The Buddha taught his people about what he called The Four Noble Truths, and an Eightfold Path. He also taught the people to use meditation. More can be read about the Buddha in chapter seven, ....
Daoism A contemporary to Confucius was a teacher named Laozi. Most of what we know about Laozi is so heavily mixed with legend, that it is difficult to know what is true, and what is myth.

The teachings of Laozi were recording in writings called the Dao De Jing. Laozi taught ....

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