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The Kingdom Of Magadha

The Kingdom Of Magadha

The Kingdom of Magadha

Around 550 B.C. a small kingdom in the northern part of the region known as the Magadha Kingdom began to expand and flourish. Lead by an aggressive king by the name of Bimsiara Magadha expanded its borders.

Magadha  Kingdom Ruins

King Bimsiara used armies, politics, and marriage to add more territory to his kingdom. After his death in 495 B.C. the Kingdom of Bimsiara began to decline rapidly.

Around 500 B.C. Persian armies invaded the region, bringing havoc upon the people of Magadha and surrounding city-states. In 327 B.C. Alexander The Great entered into the Valley, and conquered it for a short time.

In 321 B.C. a military leader by the name of Chandragupta Maurya overthrew the Magadha king, and declared himself the ruler of the Kingdom of Magdha.



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