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Labour And Trade Union Organisation

Labour And Trade Union Organisation

Labour and Trade Union Organisation

Labour and Trade Unions :

Organisation Year Founder
Bombay Mill and Millhands Association 1880 N.M. Lokhanda
Working Men's Club 1870 Sasipada Banerji
Printer's Union 1905 -
Railway Men's Union 1906 -
Kamgar Hitwardhak Sabha 1909 S.K. Bole
Social Service League 1911 -
Madras Labour Union 1918 G.R. Naidu and Chelvupathi
Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants of India 1897 -
Ahmedabad Textile Labour Association 1920 M.K. Gandhi
All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) 1920 N.M. Joshi and Roy Chaudhary
Bombay Textile Labour Union - N.M. Joshi
All India Trade Union Fedration 1929 N.M. Joshi
National Federation of Trade Union - N.M. Joshi
Hindustan Majdoor Sabha 1938 V.B. Patel, Rajendra Prasad and J.B. Kriplani
Indian Federation of Labour 1944 N.M. Roy

Indian National Trade Union Congress


Leftist Organisations :

Organisation Year Place Founder
Communist Party of India 1920 Tashkent M.N. Roy
Labour Kisan Party 1923 Madras Singaravelu
Labour Swaraj Party (later renamed as Peasants & Worker's Party) - - Qazi Nazrul and Muzaffar Ahmed
Kirti Kisan Party - - Sohari Singh Josh
Workers and Peasants Party 1927 Bombay S.S. Mirajkar, K.N. Joglekar and S.V. Ghate
Bihar Socialist Party 1931 - J.P. Narayan, Phulan Prasad Verma
Congress Socialist Party 1934 - Nateridra Dev, J.P. Narayan and Minoo Masani
Forward Block 1939 - S.C. Bose
Congress Labour Party 1926 Bombay -
The Bolshevik Party of India 1939 - N.D. Mazumdar
Radical Democratic Party 1940 - M.N. Roy
Independence Labour Party - - B.R. Ambedkar
1944 V.B. Patel



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