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Terms Used In Games And Sports

Terms Used In Games And Sports

Terms Used in Games and Sports

Terms in Games and Sports

Terms Used in Games and Sports
Badminton Deuce, Double, Drop, Fault, Game, Let, Love, Smash
Baseball Bunting, Diamond, Home, Pitcher, Put out, Strike
Billiards Break, Cannons, Cue, In off, Jigger, Scratch
Boat Race Cox
Boxing Hook, Jab, Knock-out, Punch, upper cut
Bridge Diamonds, Dummy, Grand slam, Little slam, Revoke, Ruff, Tricks, Trump
Chess Check, Checkmate, Gambit, Stalemate
Cricket Bowling, Bouncer, Crease, Cover point, Drive, Duck, Follow on, Googly, Hat trick, Hit wicket, L. B. W. (Leg Before Wicket), Leg Break, Leg spinner, Maiden over No ball, Pitch, Run, Silly point, Stumped, Wicket keeper

Football Dribble, Drop kick, Foul, Hat trick, Off-side, Penalty, Throw in, Touch Down
Golf Bogey, Caddie, Hole, Links, Put, Putting the green, Stymie, Tee
Hockey Bull, Carry, Centre forward, Carried, Dribble, Goal, Hat trick, Penalty Scoop, Short corner, Sticks, Striking circle, Under cutting
Horse Racing Jockey, Place, Protest, Punter, Win
Lawn Tennis Back-hand-drive, Service, Smash, Volley, Deuce, Game, Set, Love
Polo Bunder, Chuckker, Mallet
Rifle Shooting Bull's eye
Rugby Drop kick, Screen
Swimming Stroke
Volleyball Booster, Deuce, Love, Service, Spikers
Wrestling Half Nelson, Heave



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