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TOEFL : Structure & Written Expression (Connector)

TOEFL : Structure & Written Expression (Connector)

TOEFL : Structure & Written Expression (Connector)

Emma Thompson was nominated for an Academy Award as both a screenwriter __________ an actress in 1996

a. also
b. or
c. in addition
d. and

Answer: D


With neither a naturally aggressive disposition ________ particularly large size, the mimic octopus survives quite easily because of its natural adaptations.

a. and a
b. with its
c. nor a
d. or its

Answer: C


Above-ground swimming pools have ________ the flexibility of being able to be moved from place to place but also the efficiency of using less water than standard in-ground pools.

a. that
b. all
c. in addition
d. not only

Answer: D


Life in the Sahara has many negative features including aridity and high temperatures but many positive aspects ________.

a. in addition to
b. as well
c. coupled with
d. plus

Answer: B


As a universal language, Esperanto has never really gained widespread acceptance ________ its lack of native speakers.

a. because
b. as a result
c. in order to
d. due to

Answer: D


Readily soluble in sulfuric and nitric acid, mercury is __________ birth defects can easily result from its ingestion by pregnant women.

a. such poisonous that
b. so poisonous that
c. too poisonous that
d. very poisonous that

Answer: B


Synthetic polymers may be __________ thermoplastic or thermosetting depending on the action of tolylene diisocyanate.

a. both
b. as well as
c. but also
d. either

Answer: D


Road conditions in the United States suffered a severe setback __________ of the Civil War.

a. as a result of
b. because
c. despite
d. in spite of the fact that

Answer: A


__________ other mollusks, the oyster reproduces by eggs.

a. Like
b. As to
c. Regarding
d. With

Answer: A


The introduction of the Japanese persimmon into the United States aroused widespread interest throughout the country __________ the precocity of the trees and the large size and great beauty of the fruit.

a. on account of
b. because
c. nevertheless
d. owing with

Answers: A



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