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Current Affairs: April 2010:GK For Symbiosis , CLAT, MAT May 2010

Current Affairs: April 2010:GK For Symbiosis , CLAT, MAT May 2010

Current Affairs: April 2010:GK for Symbiosis , CLAT, MAT May 2010

1. Indian commerce and industry minister Anand Sharma has recently said that India is committed to take the Doha round to a successful conclusion.What is Doha round about?a. Trade negotiationsb. Nuclear treatyc. Oil accordd. Peace negotiations2. What is the name of the cyclone that has hit Fiji recently?a. Katrinab. Tomasc. Puppetd. Swath3. India is planning to hold highlevel talks with many stake holders to solve the Afghan problem. Identify latest country it is holding talks with?a. Pakistanb. The USc. Germanyd. Iran4. Cardinal Sean Brady, head of a Catholic Church, has been accused for his role in the child abuse scandal. Which country does he belong to?a. Irelandb. Switzerlandc. Italyd. Lebanon5. Varun Gandhi has been made an offi ce-bearer in BJP's new team of leaders. What is his post?a. Vice residentb. General secretaryc. Secretaryd. None of the above6. A shoot-out recently took place at a famous science research centre in India. Which organisation is it?a. BARCb. ISROc. TIFRd. IISc7. Whose court martial has been initiated in Sri Lanka?a. Rienzi Arsakularathneb. Mahinda Rajapaksac. Sarath Fonsekad. Jagath Jayasurya8. Which Bill was deferred at the last moment from being placed in the Lok Sabha by the government due to stiff opposition by all opposition parties?a. Women's Reservation Billb. Civil Liability for NuclearDamage Billc. Finance Billd. SC/ST Reservation(Amendment) Bill9. Which Bill has been cleared by the cabinet to be introduced in the Parliament?a. Women's Reservation Billb. Civil Liability for NuclearDamage Billc. Foreign EducationalInstitutions Billd. Finance Bill10. India's Prithvi missile missed to reach its target height in what is seen as a big setback to putting in place a credible ballistic missile defence (BMD) shield. What height was Prithvi supposed touch?a. 120 kmb. 110 kmc. 125 kmd. 93 km11. Violent protests are going on in Thailand with the call for an immediate dissolution of the House of  Representatives and fresh elections. Who is the prime minister of Thailand?a. Thaksin Shinawatrab. Abhisit Vejjajivac. Prem Tinsulanondad. Bhumibol Adulyadej12. Which state inaugurated its world's fi rst green legislature building?a. Manipurb. Keralac. Uttar Pradeshd. Tamil Nadu13. Which political leader has apprehended that the male presence in Parliament and State Assemblies would become negligible in the next 10 years?a. Lalu Prasad yadavb. Myawatic. Mulayam Singh Yadavd. Varun Gandhi14. Country to build two reactors at Kudankulam, Tamil Nadu is?a. Russiab. Francec. Japand. Kazakhastan15. Which country has shown its desire to build high-speed rail links with India?a. Bhutanb. Chinac. Pakistand. Nepal

16. David Coleman Headley has pleaded guilty in the US court for all 12 charges against him. Which country, other than India, fi gures in these 12 counts of terror charges?a. Pakistanb. Afghanistanc. Denmarkd. The US17. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray came under attack for calling Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus by its old English name Victoria Terminus. When was VT changed to CST?a. 1950b. 1965c. 1992d. 199618. Which international body is providing India US$ 1.05 billion for expanding the reach of primary schools and improving the quality of engineering education?a. International MonetaryFundb. World Bankc. United NationsDevelopment Fundd. Ford Foundation19. Cheraw, the Bamboo Dance, of which Indian state has made it to the Guinness Book of Records on account of the largest dance ensemble in the world?a. Assamb. Himachal Pradeshc. Chhatisgarhd. Mizoram20. Which international music band has turned fi fty this year?a. The Beatlesb. Backstreet Boysc. Pink Floydd. Dire Straights21. Saina Nehwal recently touched her all time high by gaining a good position in World Rankings.What is her rank?a. 3rdb. 5thc. 1std. 7th22. The indian team showed dismal performance in 2010 Hero Honda Hockey World Cup. Who coached India?a. Pablo Lombib. Shahid Ali Khanc. Markus Weised. Jose Brasa23. Left parties have announced a 'jail bharo' campaign against rising prices. Which date is set for the launch?a. April 7b. April 8c. April 9d. April 1024. With relation to whcih case has the Gujarat CM Narendra Modi be summoned by the Special Ivestigation Team investigating Gujarat riots of 2002?a. Murder of Ehsan Jaffreyb. Best Bakeryc. Naroda Patia massacred. Media's role during andafter the riots25. Australia won the fi nal of Hero Honda Hockey World Cup. Which country did it play against?a. Argentinab. Indiac. Pakistand. Germany26. A new Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre has been opened in ....a. Dhakab. Jaffnac. Karachid. Kathmandu27. After becoming brand ambassador of Gujarat, Amitabh Bachchan has agreed to promote ....a. Tamil Nadub. MP tourismc. Kerala tourismd. Incredible India campaign28. On what ground did Trinamool Congress chief Mamta Banerjee abstained from the vote on Women's Reservation Bill?a. Demanding sub-quota for the OBCsb. Demanding sub-quota for the women employees of the railwaysc. Demanding quota in Rajya Sabha as welld. Demanding quota in jobs too29. After a bad show in Australia by the Pakistan Cricket team,two of the players, Younus Khan and ..., have been banned from the national cricket team.a. Mohammad Yousufb. Rana Naved-ul-Hasanc. Shoaib Malikd. Shahid Afridi30. Who has been named as the most infl uential person in Indian sports in the annual Sports Illustrated (SI) Power List?a. Mahendra Singh Dhonib. Sachin Tendulkarc. Abhinav Bindrad. Sania Mirza

31. Identify the fi rst technician who ... has been awarded the Dada Saheb Phalke award at the 56th National Film Awards (2008)?a. Anirudh Roy Choudharyb. VK Murthyc. Neeraj Pandeyd. Ronnie Screwwala32. The Women's Reservation Bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha with 191 member in favour and one in opposition. Who was the lone naysayer?a. Mulayam Singh Yadavb. Sharad Joshic. Krishna Tirathd. Akhtar Shri Kamal33. For which movie did Kathryn Bigelow get the Oscar for best director becoming the fi rst woman to receive this award?a. Avatarb. Inglorious Basterdsc. Preciousd. The Hurt Locker34. At which place in Sri Lanka is India planning to open an additional Consulate?a. Kandyb. Kilinochic. Jaffnad. Columbo35. The fi rst all-women crew fl ight of Air India fl ew from Mumbai to ... on March 8, 2010, the 100th International Women's Day.a. New Yorkb. Londonc. Tokyod. Brasilia36. Which famous Hollywood actress won the worst-actress prize by the Razzies this year for her performance in 'All about Steve'a. Sandra Bullockb. Penelope Cruzc. Julia Robertsd. Kate Winslet37. Which country's citizenship has been offered to MF Hussain?a. Qatarb. Iranc. Bangladeshd. Saudi Arabia38. Which US offi cial had to apologise for any misunderstanding arising from the remarks he made, suggesting that Indians were not targeted in the February 26 suicide attacks in Kabul?a. Timothy Roemerb. Hillary Clintonc. Richard Holbrooked. David Mulford39. How much quota has Ram Vilas Paswan, president, Lok Janshakti Party, has demanded for the Muslims in government jobs?a. 20 per centb. 10 per centc. According to proportion in population at national leveld. According to population in each state40. Which country has launched a year-long "Festival of India"?a. Thailandb. Canadac. Australiad. China

41. Which Latin American country has said that it differs with the US on its position on Iran?a. Argentinab. Venezualac. Brazild. Chile42. An Indian Navy aircraft participating in an aerobatic display as part of the India Aviation 2010 exhibition at the ... airport crashed into a building in the densely populated Bowenpally locality in Andhra Pradesh.a. Shamsbadb. Secundrabadc. Vizagd. Begumpet43. Who has Sir Garfi eld Sobers, the former West Indies Cricket team captain, rated as the best batsman of all times?a. Imran Khanb. Sunil Gavaskarc. Allan Borderd. Brian Lara44. Which city of Karnataka was recently closed for the outsiders following rioting and violence?a. Shimogab. Aiholec. Chicmagalurd. Chitradurga45. Which US offi cial is on a tour of Latin America to boost US' image there?a. Barak Obamab. Hillary Clintonc. Joe Bidend. Sarah Palin46. Which Afghan city became a hotbed of news after a bomb blast in which many Indians were targetted?a. Kandharb. Kabulc. Jalalabadd. Herat47. Which British-Asian fi lmmaker has been honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the South Asian Cinema Foundation (SACF) for making fi lms like 'India! My India!'?a. Meera Nairb. Deepa Mehtac. Lavleen Tondond. Yavar Abbas48. To which country has India sent members of Assam Rifl es under the aegis of United Nations?a. Bosniab. Chilec. Fijid. Haiti49. The World Expo 2010 where Indian pavalion's design will be inspired by the Sanchi stupa will be held at?a. Dubaib. Shanghaic. Romed. Muscat50. Which party has Minister V Sathiyamoorthy, formr AIADMK minister, has joined?a. DMKb. Congressc. BJPd. RJD



1. a. Trade negotiations2. b. Tomas3. d. Iran4. a. Ireland5. c. Secretary6. b. ISRO7. c. Sarath Fonseka8. b. Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill9. c. Foreign Educational Institutions Bill10. b. 110 km11. b. Abhisit Vejjajiva12. d. Tamil Nadu13. c. Mulayam Singh Yadav14. a. Russia15. b. China16. c. Denmark17. d. 199618 b. World Bank19. d. Mizoram20. a. The Beatles21. b. 5th22. d. Jose Brasa23. b. April 824. a. Murder of Ehsan Jaffrey25. d. Germany26. a. Dhaka27. c. Kerala tourism28. c. Demanding quota in Rajya Sabhaas well29. a. Mohammad Yousuf30. b. Sachin Tendulkar31. b. VK Murthy32. b. Sharad Joshi33. d. 'The Hurt Locker'34. c. Jaffna35. a. New York36. a. Sandra Bullock37. a. Qatar38. c. Richard Holbrooke39. b. 10 per cent40. d. China41. c. Brazil42. d. Begumpet43. b. Sunil Gavaskar44. a. Shimoga45. b. Hillary Clinton46. b. Kabul47. d. Yavar Abbas48. d. Haiti49. b. Shanghai50. a. DMK




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