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Commonwealth Games: The Party Is On

Commonwealth Games: The Party Is On

Commonwealth Games: The party is on

Time the worst seems over. Less than 24 hours after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told all those involved in organising the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi to "leave no stone unturned" to make the event a success, there was a sea-change at the much-maligned Games Village near the Akshardham temple in east Delhi.

The sudden activity to clean up the Village and get the Games going meant that five countries that were circumspect about India's ability to host the mega event - Scotland, Australia, Canada, England and New Zealand - joined the party on Friday by confirming their participation.

Sixty-one English athletes checked into a fivestar hotel on Friday. They are expected to move into the Games Village on Monday.

It was also a day of hectic diplomatic activity.



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