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Delhi Games Will Be As Good As Melbourne: Kalmadi Read More:

Delhi Games Will Be As Good As Melbourne: Kalmadi Read More:

‘Delhi Games will be as good as Melbourne’: Kalmadi  Read more

New Delhi: Speaking to the media at a press conference in New Delhi today, Commonwealth Games chief Michael Fennell and Delhi CWG OC chief Suresh Kalmadi responded to question on various different aspects concerning the Delhi games.

Fennell mentioned the Delhi games was a learning experience for both India and the CWG organizers keeping in mind India is among the largest commonwealth countries.

Fennell said “the food is excellent” and the “buildings at the games village are structurally safe as safety certificates have been issued for each of them”

About some athletes not attending the games, Fennell said “lets talk about those who are coming and not about those who are not…”

He also mentioned that the decision to accommodate the buildings are a choice of respective teams and that the Indian team made their choice.

Fennell said he will be inspecting the games village again and that “work must continue”.

Suresh Kalmadi said that Rs 1600 were allocated for organizing the Delhi CWG.

Kalmadi said his (OC’s) responsibility was to organize the games and to see that athletes arrive safely and on time. Hinting the fact that he is not directly responsible for structural/infrastructural issues.

Kalmadi said that India will host the games as well as Melbourne did.

Asked on how successful the games will be, Kalmadi said “lets talk about it after the games are over”

Asked about the games village by a British journalist, Kalmadi said that Indian athletes were made to live in the university in Manchester…and in Delhi, a good games village is being provided. (Bharat Chronicle News)



06 May, 2021, 03:00:03 AM