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1) What does that acronym VGA stand for?
a) Extended Graphics Adapter
b) Enhanced Graphics Array
c) Video Graphics Array
d) Color Graphics Array
2) ISP stands for
a) Internet Service Provider;
b) Information Services Provider;
c) International Services Program;
d) Industrial Services program
3) One KB equals
a) 1000 Bytes;
b) 1000MB;
c) 1024 bytes;
d) 1024 MB
4) LAN means
a) Land Acquisition Notification;
b) Local Area Network;
c) Large Area Network;
d) Low Area Network
5) One MB equals
a) 1000 bytes;
b) 1000GB;
c) 1024 KB;
d) 1024 GB
6) MICR stands for
a) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition;
b) Magnetic Ink Charter Recognition
c) Magnetic Ink Charter Release;
d) Magnetic Ink Character Release
7) The communication equipment used in the computer is
a) CPU
c) Monitor
d) Mouse
8) Which of the following is a national net work ?
a) WAN
c) WWW
9) Which of the following can be used for Monitors ?
a) LCD
b) LAN
c) PIN
d) SQL
10) BIOS stands for
a) Basic Input Output System
b) Base Input Output System
c) Broad Information Output System
d) Basic Information Operating System
11) Which of the following is used for International Inter Bank Financial Communications?
b) CBS
c) WWW
12) Which of the following not used in the Computers?
a) Key Board
b) Monitor
c) Power (AC/DC)
d) Handle
13) What does CBS mean?
a) Cost Benefit Services;
b) Current Business Services
c) Core Banking Services;
d) Cost of Banking Services
14) Marketing in Banks is the job of
a) Specialized marketing personnel;
b) every employee in the bank;
c) Manager of the bank;
d) Sales associates
15) The rate of interest on Savings Bank Account is stipulated by
a) The concerned bank;
b) RBI;
c) Indian Banks Association;
d) Government of India
16) The rate of interest on Fixed and Investment Deposits is stipulated by
a) The concerned bank;
b) RBI;
c) Indian Banks Association;
d) Government of India
17) The rate of interest on Savings Bank accounts is
a) 3.5 % p.a.;
b) 4%p.a;
c) 4.5% p.a
d) 5%p.a
18) Loan against the security of immovable property is by executing an agreement of
a) Assignment
b) Pledge;
c) Transfer;
d) Mortgage;
19) The regulator of the banking system in India is
a) RBI;
b) Finance Minister;
c) SEBI;
d) IBA
20) Which of the following is a financial asset?
a) Gold;
b) silver;
c) Shares in a demat account;
d) Land & buildings
21) NAV is normally used in respect of schemes floated by
a) Banks;
b) Mutual funds;
c) Insurance Companies;
d) Merchant banker
22) EMI is normally used in respect of which of the following loans?
a) Personal Loans;
b) Home Loans;
c) Consumer Loans;
d) All the above
23) The maximum period for which fixed deposit accounts allowed to be opened in a bank for an individual customer
a) 3 years;
b) 5 years;
c) 10 years;
d) 20 years
24) Zero balance account is generally allowed to be opened for
a) Salaried class;
b) businessmen;
c) foreign customers;
d) children
25) Four Ps of Marketing is also known as
a) Marketing Mix
b) Marketing Concept
c) Marketing environment
d) Marketing strategies

Q No Ans Q No Ans Q No Ans
1 d 11 a 21 b
2 a 12 d 22 d
3 c 13 c 23 c
4 b 14 b 24 a
5 c 15 b 25 a
6 a 16 a
7 b 17 a
8 b 18 d
9 a 19 a
10 a 20 c

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