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Sample Mock Test Question Paper History 2008 Paper -II

Sample Mock Test Question Paper History 2008 Paper -II

The Dutch fort named Geldria, which was the headquarter of the Dutch director-general of Coromandel, was located at –


The first English ‘Presidency’ in India was established at –


Who was founder of Madras?

Robert Clive
Job Charnock
Francis Day
Gabriel Boughton 

Which act provided for the appointment of a Governor General for Bengal?

The Regulating Act, 1773
The Pitt’s India Act, 1784
The Charter Act of 1813
The charter Act of 1833 

Of the 12 sufi silsilahs in India, only two acquired significant influence and following in North India during the 13th and 14th centuries. They were the –

Chishti and Qadiri Order
Suhrawardi and Naqshbandi Order
Chishti and Suhrawardi Order
Qadiri and Naqshbandi Order

The earliest example in India of a mosque built wholly in accordance with Muslim ideas was –

Chhota Sona Masjid
Jamaat Khanna Masjid
Atala Devi Masjid
Moth Ki Masjid

Iltutmish was the first Sultan of Delhi to secure recognition from the caliph of

Baghdad (Iraq)
Cairo (Egypt)
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
None of the above 

In which edict did Asoka refer to himself as the ‘King of Magadha, a title which he used only on one occasion?

Bhabra Edict
Maski Edict
Barabar Cave Edict
Gujarr Edict 

In which of the following edicts did Asoka order that “whosoever monk or nun breaks up the Sangha, after being clothed in white garments, shall take up abode in a place other than a monastery�

Sarnath Edict
Kausambi Edict
Sanchi Edict
The Queen’s Edict 

Megasthenes Compares the splendidness of Maurya palace at Pataliputra with

none of these 

In the ladder of Mauryan administration who were just below the pradesikas?


At which of the following Indus cities do we find evidence of further strengthening of the defences at a later phase?


Which of the following Maurya Kings was follower of Jainism?


At which of the following ports have a sizable Roman settlement and a Roman factory been discovered?

Muziris or Mushri

The terms vaidh, avantya, satvant, etc. refer to:

new professions
new administrative posts
new mixed castes
new courtesan classes

Which of the following was the main reason for the enormous addition to the power of Brahmins in the later Vedic period?

Their racial superiority
Their status of priestly class
The growing cult of rituals and sacrifices
The unholy alliance between Brahmins and Kshatriyas

Meghavarman, a Ceylonese king, approached Samudra Gupta for permission to build a monastery at Gaya. This is informed by:

Chinese historian, Wang Hiuen Tse
Ceylonese historian, Mogah Tissa
Kashmir historian, Kalhana
Harsha’s court poet, Bana 

Medhatithi of the 9th century was the famous commentator on-

None of the above 

Assertion (A): Akbar transformed was from an orthodox Muslim to a liberal Muslim. Reason (R): The Mysticism which was preached throughout the empire in his adulthood inspired him to do so.

Only A is correct
Only R is correct
Both A & R are correct and R explains A
Both A & R are correct by R does not explain A 

Who wrote to Aurangzeb, “We shall hem Shiva in like the centre of a circle|�

Raja Jai Singh
Shaista Khan
Afzal Khan
Qutb Shah

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