CurrentGK Papers Test Papers Sample Mock Test Question Paper History 2008 Paper -III

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Sample Mock Test Question Paper History 2008 Paper -III

Sample Mock Test Question Paper History 2008 Paper -III

The biggest British Capital investment in India was made in –

The Cotton textile industry
The Jute mills
The indigo plantation
The railways, banking, insurance, and shipping 

The three medieval dynasties referred to as Gajapatis, Hayapatis, and Nrapatis were respectively from-

Madurai, Kondavaidu and Devagiri
Kampili, Vijayanagar and Sultanate of Madura
Orissa, Delhi Sultanate and Reddi Kingdom
Orissa, Bahmani and Vijaynagar

Whose coins bear the figure of the typically Indian deity, Abhishekha-Lakshmi?


In which period of the present Jaina cosmic cycle did Rishabhadeva found Jainism after making his son Bharata the first Chakravartin?


What was the name of uprising in Bengal and Bihar, which lasted from 1795 to 1816?

Santhal Uprising
Sanyasi Uprising
Chuar Uprising
Munda Rebellion

Who was the leader of the Revolt of 1857 in Assam?

Piali Barua
Purandar Singh
Diwan Maniram Dutta
Kandarpesvar Singh 

The Shaka ruler who defeated Rama Gupta was

Rudra Simha I
Pravara Sena I

The Chola ruler who wrested Tondaimandalam from the Rashtrakutas was :

Parantaka I
Sundara Chola
Rajaraja I
Kulottunga I 

Which of the following Bhakti saints was regarded his followers as an incarnation of vishnu?


Ahmad Shah Abdali’s first invasion was during the reign of-

Muhammad Shah
Ahmad Shah
Jahandar Shah
Bahadur Shah II 

Where was the final battle of the First Anglo-Sikh war fought leading to the Treaty of Lahore?


Ranjit Singh was born at-

Talwandi Sahib 

After the Third Battle of Panipat, Ahmad Shah Abdali invaded India three more times to Punish-

The Jats
The Sikhs
The Marathas
The Satnamis 

Who was founder of Madras?

Robert Clive
Job Charnock
Francis Day
Gabriel Boughton

What percentage of the rental derived by the Zamindar from the peasantry was expected to remit to the company under the permanent settlement?

35 percent
54 percent
72 percent
89 percent 

Amongst the successors of Alivardi Khan, the ablest Nawab of Bengal was –

Mir Jafar
Mir Kasim



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