CurrentGK Papers IAS Exam Papers IFS - Indian Forest Service Forestry Previous Year Paper (2003)

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IFS - Indian Forest Service Forestry Previous Year Paper (2003)

IFS - Indian Forest Service Forestry Previous Year Paper (2003)

1. Answer any four of the following:
(The answer should not exceed 150 words for each question)
(a) What are the different propagation methods used for commercially exploited trees? (10)
(b) Briefly describe about the ecological status of “Shola-grassland” vegetation. (10)
(c) Discuss briefly about the various measures for afforestation of cold desert and suitability of different tree species. (10)
(d) Describe about the importance of mangroves in India. (10)
(e) Write about the management of sal or teak plantation. (10)

2. (a) Discuss briefly about the topographic factors influencing vegetations. (10)
(b) Explain briefly the shelter wood coppice system. (20)

3. (a) Explain about the effects of thinning on physiological and mensurational aspects of tree growth. (10)
(b) Define “Conversion”. Explain the reasons for conversion of silvicultural system. (10)

4. Describe the silviculture of the following species:

5. Answer any four of the following:
(The answer should not exceed 150 words for each question)
(a) Agroforestry is called ‘Multiple land use system’.—Justify. (10)
(b) What are the merits and demerits of JFM? (10)
(c) Explain “Wastelands”—suggest suitable economically important tree species for wastelands afforestation. (10)
(d) How trees are playing a vital role in soil and water conservation? (10)
(e) Write the names of tree species and their characters in controlling “Noise pollution”. (10)

6. (a) What is ‘home garden’? Explain with a model. (20)
(b) Write a brief account on tree seed technology. (20)

7. (a) What are the causes and extinguishing methods for forest fire? (20)
(b) Discuss the tree improvement in teak or bamboo. (20)

8. Write notes on:
(a) Rayon (10)
(b) Beedi leaf (10)
(c) Clonal orchard (10)
(d) Mycorrhiza (10)

1. Attempt any four questions from the following (not more than 150 words for each):
(a) Define and explain the concept of normal forest. (10)
(b) Indicate the essential elements of forest working plan. (10)
(c) Why is Haga-Altimeter used and how is it used for measurement? (10)
(d) Explain the role of village forest in forest management. (10)
(e) How is forest surveying considered important in relation to chain surveying? (10)

2. Define management and indicate the concept and objectives of forest management. (40)

3. The concept of rotation in Forestry be indicated with definitions. Explain types of forest rotation. (40)

4. Forest productivity is dependent on the growth increment. Explain with definitions of increment referring current and annual increment with graphical representation. (40)

5. Attempt any four from the following (not more than 150 words for each):
(a) Explain the drawback of 1894 Forest Policy. (10)
(b) Indicate the formation of resin canal and extraction of oleoresin. (10)
(c) Explain with diagram, the extraction procedure of stump. (10)
(d) Discuss the methods involved in the production of Tendu leaves and explain how the leaves are processed for the market. (10)
(e) Explain how joint forest management is assisting in forest conservation (10)

6. Why seasoning is essential ? Indicate general principles of seasoning. (40)

7. Explain Forest Act relating to reserve forest and indicate the benefits of the Act. (40)

8. How is pulp prepared from bamboo? Explain the steps for paper production. (40)

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