CurrentGK General Knowledge Computer GK Multiple Choice Questions Of Database Management System (DBMS) Set 3

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Multiple Choice Questions Of Database Management System (DBMS) Set 3

11. Which of the following fields in a student file can be used as a primary key? 

1) class

2) Social Security Number

3) GPA

4) Major


Correct Answer: Social Security Number  




12.In a large DBMS 

1) each user can "see" only a small part of the entire database

2) each subschema contains every field in the logical schema

3) each user can access every subschema

4) None of the Above


Correct Answer: each user can "see" only a small part of the entire database  


13.In the DBMS approach, application programs perform the 

1) storage function

2) processing functions

3) access control

4) all of the above


Correct Answer: processing functions  


14. A set of programs that handle a firm's database responsibilities is called 

1) database management system (DBMS)

2) database processing system (DBPS)

3) data management system (DMS)

4) all of above


Correct Answer: all of above  


15. Which is the make given to the database management system which is able to handle full text data, image data, audio and video? 

1) full media

2) graphics media

3) multimedia

4) hypertext


Correct Answer: multimedia  


16. A record management system 

1) can handle many files of information at a time

2) can be used to extract information stored in a computer file

3) always uses a list as its model

4) both a and b


Correct Answer: can be used to extract information stored in a computer file  


17. Which of the following contains a complete record of all activity that affected the contents of a database during a certain period of time? 

1) report writer

2) query language

3) data manipulation language

4) transaction log


Correct Answer: transaction log  


18. A command that lets you change one or more fields in a record is 

1) insert

2) modify

3) lookup

4) none of above


Correct Answer: modify  


19. Database management systems are intended to 

1) eliminate data redundancy

2) establish relationship among records in different files

3) maintain data integrity

4) all of the above


Correct Answer: all of the above   


20. A DBMS that runs on many different operating systems is said to be __________. 

1) scalable

2) robust

3) platform independent

4) distributed


Correct Answer: platform independent  


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