CurrentGK General Knowledge Computer GK MCQ For System Analysis And Design Set 1

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MCQ For System Analysis And Design Set 1

Q 1 - A system can be defined as
a.  An integrated whole that is composed of diverse, interatinv specialized structures and subfunctions
b.  A collection of people, machines, and methods organized to accomplish a set of functions
c.   A group of subsystem united by some interaction or interdependence performing many duties but functioning as a single unit
d.  All of above
Ans : D
Q 2 - A system analyst designs a new system by
a.  Adopting a developed system to the present environment
b.  Developing the system as a large, single unit
c.   Identifying subsystems and interfaces between subsystem
d.  None of these
Ans : C
Q 3 - The conditions immediately outside a system is called
a.  Boundary
b.  Interface
c.   Environment
d.  None of these
Ans : C
2    A common reason for changing an information system is
a.  New technology
b.  New requirements
c.   Problems in the existing system
d.  All of these
Ans : D
3    The main activity of the design phase of the system life cycle is to
a.  Propose alternatives to the current system
b.  Understand the current system
c.   Develop and test the new system
d.  Replace the old system with the new one
Ans : A
4    The main purpose of the system investigation phase is to produce a
a.  Design report
b.  Requirement report
c.   Feasibility report
d.  None of these
Ans : C
5    A system analyst does not need to consider
a.  Operational feasibility
b.  Technical feasibility
c.   Economics feasibility
d.  None of these
Ans : D
6    A feasibility study
a.  Includes a statement of the problem
b.  Considers a single solution
c.   None of these
d.  Both (a) and (b)
Ans : A
7    A graphic representation of an information system is called
a.  Flow chart
b.  Data flow diagram
c.   Pictogram
d.  None of these
Ans : B
8    Top-down software design
a.  Decomposes major components into lower level components
b.  is the process of designing a program by first identifying its modules
c.   none of these
d.  both (a) and (b)
Ans : D

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