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PSC Sub Inspector Exam Solved Paper Part 1 - GK Questions

PSC Sub Inspector Exam Solved Paper Part 1 - GK Questions

PSC Sub Inspector Exam Solved Paper Part 1 – GK Questions

1) Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission

A) Who has been Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
B) Who has been Chief Justice of the High Court
C) Who has been Judge of the Supreme Court
D) Who has been Judge of the High Court

2) David Davidar who resigned recently as CEO, headed which publishing house?

A) Penguin Canada
B) Banatam Books
C) Random House
D) Malayala Manorama

3) Edakkal Caves are in

A) Idukki District
B) Wayanad district
C) Kottayam district
D) None of the above

4) Part IV of the Constitution of India deals with

A) Civil rights
B) Political Rights
C) Economic, Social and Cultural rights
D) All of the above

5) Which of the following states have been nicknamed Garden Spices of India?

A) Bangalore
B) Andhra Pradesh
C) Bangalore and Kerala
D) Kerala

6) Lansdowne is a Hill Station in

A) Nainital
B) Mussorie
C) Uttarkhand
D) None of these

7) Who partnered Leander Paes to win the 2010 Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Crown?

A) Lisa Raymond
B) Cara Black
C) Sania Mirza
D) Serena Williams

8) Which among these political leaders has won the Nobel Prize of Literature?

A) Mikhail Gorbachev
B) Winston Churchill
C) Jawaharlal Nehru
D) Jimmy Carter

9) The Cheena Kesava Temple is found in

A) Hyderabad
B) Mysore
C) Tanjavur
D) None of These

10) Universal declaration of Human Rights relates to the year (Source General Knowledge Quiz Blog)

A) 1945
B) 1946
C) 1947
D) 1948

11) The largest single organ of the human body is

A) Respiratory system
B) Integumentary system
C) Endocrine system
D) Skeletal system

12) The Right of Information Act, 2005, comes into effect in full

A) 8th October
B) 12th October
C) 9th October
D) 10th October

13) Right to Information as per the Right to Information Act, 2005 can be available to 

A) Literate Citizens
B) Government Employees
C) Specified Citizens
D) All Citizens

14) The fear of bees is called

A) Alektrophobia
B) Apiphobia
C) Bathophobia
D) Ailurophobia

15) The cells used in mobile phone are

A) Dry Cells
B) Lithium Ion cells
C) Nickel Candmium Cells
D) Mercury Cells

16) Scurvy is the disease caused by the deficiency of

A) Vitamin C
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin A
D) Vitamin D

17) AADHAR is the logo for what?

A) Common wealth Games, New Delhi
B) Kerala Tourism Corporation
C) Unique ID project
D) None of the above

18) “The Three Mistakes of My Life”` is a book authored by

A) Chetan Bhagat
B) Jhumpa Lahiri
C) Kamala Das
D) Shashi Taroor

19) Misattribution of a person’s undesired thoughts, feelings impulse on another person who does not have those thoughts, feelings or impulses is

A) Compartmentalisation
B) Dissociation
C) Regression
D) Projection

20) The biggest and smallest Taluk in Kerala state are respectively

A) Ernad and Kochi
B) Vellanad and Kochi
C) Wayanad and Kochi
D) Kanhangad and Kochi

21) Which type of mirror is used in rear view mirrors of vehicles?

A) Concave mirror
B) Convex Mirror
C) Plane Mirror
D) Plano Concave Lens

22) Which Institution established on 1st April 1935 and headed by Sir Osborne Smith celebrated its 75th anniversary recently?

A) Indian Olympic Association
B) Reserve Bank of India
C) Bombay Dyeing
D) Life Insurance Corporation of India

23) Name the competent authority who is authorized to provide the relief and rehabilitation to the victims of atrocities under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.

A) District Magistrate
B) Chief Secretary
C) Village Officer
D) District Welfare Officer

24) The branch of clinical study related to hearing, taste, and smell is

A) Otalaryngology
B) Ophthalmology
C) Dermatology
D) Osteology

25) The National Commission for Women Act was enacted in the year?

A) 1989
B) 1990
C) 1991
D) 1992


Answers to Sub Inspector Exam Part 1 GK Question Answers

1) C) Who has been Judge of the Supreme Court
2) A) Penguin Canada
3) B) Wayanad District (Edakkal Caves are two natural caves situated 25 km from Kalpetta in Wayanad, Kerala. The importance of Edakkal Caves are the Stone Age carvings found here. )

4) C) Economic, Social and Cultural rights
5) D) Kerala
6) C) Uttarkhand
7) B) Cara Black (is a professional female tennis player from Zimbabwe.)
8) B) Winston Churchill
9) D) None of These (Chennakesava Temple is in Belur, Karnataka)
10) D) 1948

11) B) Integumentary system (This is the organ system which protects the body from damage. The system comprises the skin, hair, nails and assorted glands.

12) B) 12th October
13) D) All Citizens
14) B) Apiphobia (Also known as melissophobia)
15) B) Lithium Ion cells

16) A) Vitamin C (Night blindness is caused by Vitamin A deficiency. Beriberi is a caused by the deficiency of vitamin B1)

17) C) Unique ID project
18) A) Chetan Bhagat
19) D) Projection
20) B) Vellanad and Kochi
21) B) Convex Mirror
22) B) Reserve Bank of India
23) A) District Magistrate
24) A) Otalaryngology
25) B) 1990



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