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RAS/RTS Pre. 2008-2009 Solved History Sample Paper

1. Vikramshila University was established by-
(A) Dharmapal (B) Devapal (C) Narayanapal (D) Mahipal

2. Who among the following directed to throw bomb on Viceroy Lord Hardinge ?
(A) Khudiram Bose (B) Rasbihari Bose (C) Chandrashekhar Azad (D) Ramprasad Bisrnil

3. The author of Tabqat-i-Nasiri is-
(A) Minhaj-us-Siraj (B) Ziyauddin Barni (C) Amir Khusro (D) Mehadi Hussain

4. During Akbar's reign the biggest gold coin was called-
(A) Ilahi (B) Jalali (C) Dam (D) Shamsab

5. Who among the following was a leader of Wahabi Movement?
(A) Mohammed Ali
(B) Ajmal Khan
(C) Syed Ahmad
(D) M. A. Ansari

6. When did Akbar abolish Jaziya ?
(A) 1563 (B) 1564 (C) 1565 (D) 1566

7. Rani Jhansi Regiment is related with-
(A) Azad Hind Fauj (B) Gandhi Brigade (C) Nehru Brigade (D) Azad Brigade

8. How many tirthas (Officials) are referred in Arthashastra ?
(A) 16 (C) 18(B) 17 (D) 19

9. Jaunpur was established by
(A) Balban (B) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq (C) Mohammed-bin-Tughlaq (D) Firoz Shah Tughlaq

10. Agam Siddhant is religious literature of-
(A) Buddhism (B) Jainism (C) Brahmanism (D) Veda

11. The Second Capital of Gupta ruler Chandragupta II was- ,
(A) Ujjain (B) Malwa (C) Saurashtra (D) Mehrauli

12. Which one is related with Mahatma Buddha?
(A) MalIa (B) Deva (C) Shakya (D) Koliya

13. Which one of the following Mauryan rulers was Jaina ?
(A) Kunal (B) Samprati (C) Dasharatha (D) Jalauk

14. When did Albaruni, a scholar of Central Asia visiied India?
(A) Mahmud Ghaznavi (B) Mohammed Ghori (C) Qutub-ud-din Aibak (D) Iltutmish

15. Chola rulers were followers of
(A) Vaishnavism (B) Shaivism (C) Shaktism (D) Jainism

16. During Mauryan age, Avanti path was-
(A) Northern Province (B) Southern Province (C) Western Province (D) Eastern Province

17. Paramaras were residents of-
(A) Malwa (B) Rajasthan (C) Gujarat (D) Orissa

18. "Brahmanical reaction was responsible for the downfall of the Mauryan Empire." Who said?
(A) Harprasad Shastri (B) U. N. Ghoshal (C) D. D. Koshambi (D) Rornila Thapar

19. The grant of 'Diwani' in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa was given to the English East India Company by the Treaty in 1765 with-
(A) Shah Alam II (B) Mir Qasim (C) Siraj-ud-daula (D) Francis Joseph Dupleix

20. Vernacular Press Act passed in-
(A) 1877 (B) 1878 (C) 1879 (D) 1880

21. When did Deimachos, the Greek ambassador, visited India?
(A) Chandragupta Maurya (B) Bindusar (C) Ashok (D) Brihadrath

22. Who called British Economic policy as 'Colonial Economy' ?
(A) Mahatma Gandhi (B) Jawaharlal Nehru (C) Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel (D) Madan Moha,n Malaviya

23. When did separate electorate system was established for Muslims?
(A) 1908 (C) 1910 (B) 1909 (D) 1911

24. The statement of Mahatma Gandhi that it was 'a post-dated cheque' was related to-
(A) The Simon Commission (B) The Cripps Mission (C) The Cabinet Mission
(D) The Young-Husband's Mission

25. Under which Viceroy's tenure Indian National Congress was formed?
(A) Lord Dufferin (B) Lord Ripon(C) Lord Lansdowne (D) Lord Curzon

26. Fort William was situated in
(A) Madras (B) Machalipattnam (C) Orissa (D) Calcutta

27. The author of "Indian Epigraphy" is-
(A) D. C. Sircar (B) Oldenburg (C) F.F. Pargitar (D) H. D. Sankalia

28. Where did Britishers establish their first trade centre?
(A) Calcutta (B) Surat (C) Bombay (D) Karnataka

29. Who was Alara Kalama?
(A) Disciple of Buddha (B) Prominent Buddhist monk (C) Teacher of Buddha
(D) Ruler -who criticised Buddhism

30. Which session of the Indian National Congress approved 'Gandhi-Irwin Pact' ?
(A) Karachi Session (B) Lahore Session (C) Calcutta Session (D) Tripura Session

31. Which Urdu poet was invited to the Second and Third Round Table Conference?
(A) Faiz Ahmad Faiz (B) Mohammad Iqbal (C) Josh Malihabadi (D) Firaq Gorakhpuri

32. The author of Historica is
(A) Justin (B) Herodotus (C) Deodorus (D) Megasthenes

33. Kalibanga is situated in
(A) Gujarat (B) Punjab (Pakistan) (C) Rajasthan (D) Haryana

34. With reference to the Swadeshi Movement during the Indian Freedom Struggle, which of the
following statement is not correct?
(A) The theme song of Swadeshi Movement in Bengal was Ravindranath's "Amar Sonar Bangia".
(B) Syed Haider Raza led the Swadeshi Movement in India
(C) The Ganapati and Shivaji festival became a medium of the movement
(D) The Surat split in 1907 weakened the Swadeshi Movement

35. Who among the following was fond of slaves?
(A) Alauddin Khalji (B) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq (C) Mohammed-bin-Tughlaq (D) Firoz Shah Tughlaq

36. Sravanabelgola is associated with-
(A) Chandragupta Maurya (B) Ashok
(C) Vihnugupta (D) Dasharath

37. Who called Samudragupta 'Napolean of India' ?
(A) R. K. Mukherjee
(B) R. C. Dutt
(C) R. S. Sharma
(D) V. A. Smith

38. Which language was the State language during the Sultanate period?
(A) Arabic (B) Persian (C) Turkish (D) Urdu

39. Dahasala system was introduced by Akbar in
(A) 1575 (B) 1580 (C) 1590 (D) 1602

40. Which mughal Emperor introduced "Duaspa-Sihaspa" method in Mansabdari System?
(A) Akbar (B) Jahangir (C) Shahjahan (D) Aurangzeb

41. Who among the following recognised important role played by women in family and society in his preachings ?
(A) Guru Nanak (B) Saint Ravidas (C) Saint Gyaneshwar (D) Saint Tukaram

42. The Kalinga War conquered by Ashoka is described in-
(A) Rock Edict I
(B) Rock Edict V
(C) Pillar Edict VII
(D) Rock Edict XIII

43. Who was called' dvija' ?
(A) Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya (B) Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra (C) Brahman, Vaishya, Shudra (D) Shudra, Kshatriya, Brahman

44. Ibn Batuta, the famous traveller of 14th Century, lived in-
(A) Venice (B) Geneva (C) Spain (D) North Africa

45. Nizamuddin Aulia and Nasir-ud-din Chirag were-
(A) Sohrawardi Saint (B) Chishti Saint (C) Nakshbandi Saint (D) Silsilah

46. How many ruling dynasties were there in the Delhi Sultanate?
(A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5

47. Who was the President of 3rd Buddhist Assembly?
(A) Mahakassap (B) Vasumitra (C) Ashvaghosha (D) Moggaliputta Tissa

48. Kharaj was meant by-
(A) Land Tax (B) House Tax (C) Loan (D) Law

49. Which one of the following Muslim leaders joined the Home Rule League founded by Annie Besant?
(A) Mohammedlqbal (B) Mohammed Ali Jinnah (C) Syed Ahmad Khan
(D) Abul Kalam Azad

50. Rowlatt Act passed in-
(A) 1916 (B) 1917 (C) 1918 (D) 1919

51. Sangam is meant for-
(A) Dynasty of South India (B) Tamil religious literature (C) Assemblies of Tamil
Scholars (D) Ancient name of South India

52. Which one among the following is the oldest Stupa ?
(A) Stupa of Sanchi
(B) Stupa of Piprawah
(C) Stupa of Bharahut
(D) Stupa of Amaravati

53. Which of the following text refers Chandragupta Mauryaas 'Vaishal' ?
(A) Mudrarakshasa (B) Arthashastra (C) Indica (D) Mahavamsha

54. In which of the following Council Jainism was divided into two ?
(A) First Jain Council
(B) Second Jain Council
(C) Third Jain Council
(D) Fourth Jain Council

55. "India for the Indians." Who said?
(A) Swami Vivekanand (B) Madan Mohan Malaviya (C) Dayanand (D) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

56. Which one of the following is not correct?
(A) Indian National Congress, Calcutta Session (1887)
(B) Indian National Congress, Lucknow Session (1916)
(C) Indian National Congress, Gaya Session (1922)
(D) Indian National Congress, Tripuri Session (1939)

57. Irani System of 'Sajda' was started by-
(A) Balban
(B) Razia
(C) Iltutmish
(D) Mohammed Tughlaq

58. Mohammed Ghori was assassinated by-
(A) Hazras (B) Khokkars (C) Yurtwals (D) Baluchis

59. "Swaraj is my birth right." Who said?
(A) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (B) Dadabhai Naoroji (C) NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose (D) Bhagat Singh

60. The first Turkish Sultan to cross Vindhyachal ranges was-
(A) Iltutmish
(B) Balban
(C) Alauddin Khilji
(D) Firoz Shah Tughlaq

61. Ajanta Paintings are related with-
(A) Jainism (B) Brahmanism (C) Shaktism (D) Buddhism

62. The author of Anandmath was
(A) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (B) Sharat Chandra Chatterjee (C) Ravindra Nath Tagore
(D) S. C. Bose

63. The author of 'Poverty and UnBritish Rule in India' is-
(A) Lala Lajpat Rai (B) Dadabhai Naoroji (C) Surendra Nath Banerjee (D) R. C. Dutt

64. By which Act, Rule of East India Company ended in India?
(A) Regulating Act, 1773
(B) Pitt's India Act, 1784
(C) Government of India Act, 1858
(D) Morley-Minto Act, 1909

65. In which age Brahmanas were inferior than Kshatriyas ?
(A) Vedic age
(B) Buddha age
(C) Maurya age
(D) Post-Mauryan age

66. How many Pitakas are in Buddhist literature?
(A) 1 (C) 3 (B) 2 (D) 4

67. Rana Sanga is related with-
(A) Malwa (B) Khajuraho (C) Mandu (D) Mewar

68. In which month Quit India Movement of 1942 started?
(A) January (C) August (B) July (D) December

69. Who is the author of Prithviraj Raso?
(A) Chandabardai (B) Gunadhya (C) Amir Khusro (D) Samdeva

70. Pandyas were centred in
(A) Madurai (B) Tanjore (C) Andhra Pradesh (D) Kaveripattan

71. During the Mauryan age 'bhaga' was-
(A) House Tax (B) Land Tax (C) Water Tax (D) Hiranya

72. Who among the following was known as 'Frontier Gandhi' ?
(A) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (B) Syed Amir Ali (C) Abul Kalam Azad (D) Abdul Gaffar Khan

73. The founder of Gadar Party was-
(A) Basudev Balwant Phadke (B) Vinay Damodar Savarkar (C) Lala Hardayal
(D) Bhagat Singh

74. The name of the committee to enquire Jallianwala Bagh Massacre was
(A) Simon Commission (B) Hunter Commission (C) Raymond Commission (D) Linlithgo Commission

75. Which court was considered as the highest criminal court of appeal during East India Company?
(A) Circuit Court (B) Provincial Court (C) Sadar Diwani (D) Sadar Nizamat

76. Which Mughal Emperor increased more number of Rajput and Maratha Mansabdars in his
(A) Akbar (C) Shajahan (B) Jahangir (D) Aurangzeb

77. In which Session, Congress demanded 'Poorna Swaraj' ?
(A) Lucknow Session 1916 (B) Calcutta Session 1917 (C) Kanpur Session 1925
(D) Lahore Session 1929

78. Which Mauryan ruler was called , Amitraghat' by Greek writers?
(A) Chandragupta Maurya (B) Bindusara
(C) Ashoka
(D) Dasharatha

79. Which foreign traveller visited Vijaynagar Empire during 1420?
(A) Alhanasius Nikitin (B) Farishta (C) Abdur Razzaq (D) Nicolo-de-Conti

80. When did Aurangzeb took the title of 'Alamgir' ?
(A) 1658 (B) 1659 (C) 1660 (D) 1661

81. During the reign of which of the following did Vijaynagar Empire come into existence?
(A) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq (B) Mohammed-bin-Tughlaq (C) Firoze Shah TugWaq
(D) Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah

82. The term' dastak' implies
(A) Riot (B) Duty free trade (C) Port (D) Market

83. When did Akbar abolish the slavery and protected human rights?
(A) 1582 (B) 1583 (C) 1584(D) 1585

84. The author of "Indian Mussalmans" is-
(A) W. W. Hunter (B) Sir Aga Khan (C) Atulanand Chakravarti (D) Rizaul Karim

85. Who was the last Governor General and First Viceroy of India?
(A) Lord Lawrence (B) Lord Mayo (C) Lord Canning (D) Lord Lytton

86. Which Session of Indian National Congress was presided by Subhash Chandra Bose?
(A) Haripura (B) Nagpur (C) Lahore (D) Delhi

87. The statement that the revolt of 1857 was "neither the first, nor national, nor war of independence" was made by-
(A) V. D. Savarkar (B) S. N. Sen (C) R. C. Majumdar (D) Benjamin Disraeli

88. In the revenue settlement of Todarmal the land never left fallow was known as-
(A) Polaj (B) Parauti (C) Chachar (D) Banjar

89. Nagarjuna Stupa was constructed during the age of-
(A) Buddha (B) Maurya (C) Gupta (D) Post Gupta

90. The ancient name of Assam is
(A) Pawa
(B) Karnrup
(C) Pippalivan
(D) Ramgram

91. Which of the following stands for 'Iqta' ?
(A) Law of primogeniture
(B) Crown land donated to army officers
(C) State's share in the war booty
(D) The grant of revenue from a territory in lieu of salary

92. "Every Indian is corrupt." Who said?
(A) Lord Cornwallis (B) Lord Wellesley (C) Lord Hastings (D) Lord Dalhousie

93. Vellore Mutiny took place in the year of(A) 1764 (B) 1806 (C) 1857 (D) 1935

94. Dilwara Temple is the example of-
(A) Buddhist architecture (B) Jain architecture (C) Mughal architecture (D) Sultanate architecture

95. The architect of Taj Mahal belongedto-
(A) Italy (B) France (C) Turkey (D) Egypt

96. The central feature of Indian society during 800 to 1200 A.D. was-
(A) Feudalism (B) Liberalism (C) Egalitarianism (D) Republic

Answers: Would be posted within a couple of days, till then try to solve yourself and check your score once we post answers.

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